Google Gives Guidance: Designing a Better Mobile UX

It's all about the UX

It’s all about the UX

People are starting to use their mobile devices (phones and tablets) more and more for internet access, and are demanding a more fluid and easy-to-use experience, especially when it comes to shopping. 30% of all online purchase now take place on mobile phones, according to Google. Savvy online marketers who provide a great User eXperience (UX) will capitalise on this and win customers.

Think With Google, a site the search giant has created to give away great advice on using the web, has published a  free guide for retailers with an online presence. “Designing a Better Experience for Shoppers” is a downloadable PDF file that provides 25 basic principles that should be adhered to when designing an app and a site for online customers.

The guide also has an action plan and a comprehensive checklist. If you’re in retail, or marketing or designing for a retailer, take a look at some of the collective insights of the best brains in the business.