World Economic Forum Calls For #internet4all

static1.squarespace.comToday, the Word Economic Forum (WEF) called for a campaign to promote internet access as a basic right. Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa and Member of the Executive Committee for the WEF, writes on, that only 20% of Africans use the internet, and says that this places the continent at a serious growth disadvantage. Kanza calls it ‘digital poverty’. The campaign, called #internet4all, was launched today, ahead of the annual WEF forum in Kigali, Rwanda, on May 11-13.

“We believe that, in the 21st century, this essential infrastructure should be available to everybody,” Kanza says, adding: “All Africans want is the chance to create for themselves the future that they deserve.”

Already mobile telephony has shown how technology can radically improve the lives of individuals — internet access can serve the the same function, enabling people to become better educated, save money and find better opportunities.

The initiative is supported locally by Treeshake, Andrew Barrett of Olico, Alan Knott-Craig jnr of Project Isizwe, Andrew Rudge of Reach Trust, and many others. Read more at Treeshake.

Without doubt, access to the internet will determine the speed at which African countries manage to grow, and compete in the global marketplace.