Your brain is a muscle -- use it or lose it!

Your brain is a muscle — use it or lose it!

Too often everyday life becomes rote, and we settle into a practiced way of doing things, rather than a considered way. But great leaders are also known as thinkers. Great achievers are great thinkers, and the brain, like a muscle, needs to be given regular exercise in order to stay ‘fit’.

What are the main features of exceptional thinkers? advises that they have daily practices that one should emulate if one wants to join the ranks of the great. In an article called ‘8 Things Exceptional Thinkers Do Every Day‘ Matt Mayberry looks at the daily habits that influential leaders all have in common.

It’s a quick read, and although some of it is self-evident (to great leaders like you and me) I hope there’s some food for thought to inspire and refocus you on your journey.