Lessons From a Maverick Entrepreneur

Ronnie Apteker of coolfidence.com

Ronnie Apteker of coolfidence.com

Ronnie Apteker is one of the names that stands out in the SA entrepreneurial landscape. One of the co-founders of Internet Solutions, Apteker followed his passion and has dived into the crazy world of film and comedy entertainment.

In a highly readable article for Biznews.com, Apteker reveals some of the secrets of his success — including his fundamental principle that everything comes down to sales. “Selling, convincing, inspiring, persuading, is what we strive to do every day as entrepreneurs,” writes Apteker; and he continues to give insights on dealing with people, taking advantage of opportunities, following your instincts, leadership, having fun, having purpose and communication.

It’s a great read – should take about 12 minutes, and will surely inspire you for a while.

Ronnie’s latest venture can be found at http://www.coolfidence.com.