The Power of ‘With’

you-cant-get-where-you-want-to-go-by-protecting-yourselfThere are some words that are powerful beyond their seeming insignificance. Like ‘yes’, ‘and’ and ‘with’. Dan Rockwell, one of INC Top Fifty Leadership and Management Experts and Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers, blogs regularly (as Leadership Freak) on leadership topics. This week’s short essay is on the idea of ‘with’.

Teams thrive when everybody is pulling together, and even when things go wrong, just knowing that everyone else is with you can make overcoming obstacles much easier. A good leader will be with his team, no matter what. It makes sense – you can’t expect someone to be on your side if you’re not on theirs.

Rockwell gives the “10 Powers of With” in his blog post, and also gives strategies on how to ‘be with’. Or ‘be a with’. Look, we’re not going to call the grammar police, just take a quick read, and let me know if you find it worthwhile.